Posted on Dec 17, 2018

Licensed Real Estate Agent Larry Estabrooks

Protect Your Rights - Real Estate Agency in New Brunswick - Part 1

NEVER assume that a New Brunswick real estate licensee is acting on your behalf, representing you, unless you have made the proper arrangement for the Agent to be your representative. (note: in New Brunswick, salespeople are licensed under a licensed Agent)

In any New Brunswick real estate transaction it is far better for the buyer(s) as well as the seller(s) to be fully represented by their respective licensed Agents.

Whether you are a buyer or seller in real estate, you have the right to choose the continuous advice, assistance, and undivided loyalty of your own Agent. It is your right to demand this single agency representation and to refuse any double or dual agency representation.

Single Agency = 100% representation and undivided loyalty to the client. In Single Agency an Agent represents a buyer or a seller but never both in the same real property transaction.

In New Brunswick, it is your right to choose and demand single agency representation in real estate.

It is also your right to refuse to agree to any double or dual agency representation scheme.

And of course you have the right to be totally on your own in real estate.
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